vomiting in dream meaning

Dream Analysis: Vomiting in Dreams


Dreams are often cryptic and their meanings can vary widely based on individual circumstances, emotions, and personal history. Vomiting in a dream may have various interpretations in different dream analysis theories.

Emotional Release

In many dream dictionaries and psychoanalytic theories, vomiting symbolizes an emotional release. Just as the body expels substances it can no longer tolerate, your subconscious may be urging you to let go of toxic thoughts, feelings, or experiences.

Elimination of Problematic Issues

Vomiting in a dream may represent the need to remove or eliminate something from your life that is causing distress or discomfort. This could relate to a situation, relationship, or personal behavior.

Repulsion or Disgust

A dream in which you vomit can symbolize feelings of disgust or rejection. You may be repulsed by a situation in your waking life or trying to reject certain emotions or experiences.

Regret and Guilt

Sometimes, vomiting in dreams represents feelings of guilt or regret. The act of vomiting could symbolize the desire to purge these negative emotions and start afresh.

Desire for Change

Another interpretation of vomiting in dreams is the longing for change. It may signify that you crave transformation, growth, or renewal, and the dream is a sign that you’re ready to let go of the old to make room for the new.


Please consider these interpretations as potential clues rather than definitive explanations. Personal relevance is crucial in dream interpretation. The specific context and details of your dream, plus your current life situation and emotions, will greatly influence its meaning. Consulting with a qualified psychologist or dream analyst can provide further insight.

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