spiritual meaning of dream catchers


A dream catcher is a traditional object native to the Ojibwe people, one of the largest Indigenous Nations in North America. It is designed as a round wooden hoop often woven with a web of yarn and decorated with personal items such as beads and feathers.

Spiritual Significance of Dream Catchers

1. Filter of Dreams:
The spiritual meaning of dream catchers primarily relates to a device for filtering dreams. It is believed to trap bad or harmful dreams in its web while allowing good dreams to pass through and slide down the feathers to the dreamer.

2. Protection:
In many cultures, dream catchers are seen as protective charms. They are often hung over cradles, beds or windows to shield sleepers from bad dreams or negative energy.

3. Connection with Nature:
The materials used for making dream catchers—wood, feathers, beads—all come from nature. This signifies a spiritual connection between humans and nature, emphasizing coexistence and respect for the environment.

4. Symbol of Unity:
The circular shape of dream catchers symbolically represents unity and strength within a community. This spiritual interpretation enforces the idea of being interconnected within a tribe or group.

5. Personal Growth and Self-Reflection:
Another spiritual aspect attributed to dream catchers is that of personal growth and self-reflection. The person making a dream catcher infuses their thoughts, emotions, desires, and hopes into it, making it a personal and spiritual tool for introspection.


The spiritual meaning of dream catchers is rich and far-reaching, encompassing protection, unity, connection with nature, reflection, and growth. While they were originally created by the Ojibwe people, their symbolism and significance have crossed cultural lines and they have become a widely recognized and appreciated spiritual tool.

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