snake in dream meaning hindu astrology

Title: Snake in Dream Meaning According to Hindu Astrology


In Hindu astrology, dreaming about a snake carries significant symbolic interpretations and meanings. It’s crucial to note these interpretations may vary, and they largely depend on the context of the dream, the circumstances, emotions involved and personal beliefs.

Symbolism of Snakes in Hindu Astrology

  1. Transitions and Transformation: In Hindu astrology, snakes are often seen as symbols of transformation, change, and rebirth due to their natural ability to shed their old skin and start anew. Therefore, seeing a snake in a dream might indicate an impending transition or transformation in your life.

  2. Hidden Fears and Worries: Snakes in dreams often symbolize hidden fears, worries, or threats. This can be a warning sign that you need to be cautious of potential dangers or difficulties ahead.

  3. Kundalini Awakening: A snake is believed to be a representation of Kundalini, a spiritual energy in human beings. When awakened, Kundalini is said to provide spiritual enlightenment. Dreaming of a serpent might signify a possible awakening of this dormant spiritual power.

Specific Interpretations in Different Scenarios

  1. Getting bitten by a snake: This could represent overcoming a challenging situation or emotional turbulence. The bite might symbolize something negative at first, but it ultimately leads to some resolution.

  2. Seeing a dead snake: It might signify the end of treachery or deceit, suggesting a resolution to a problem.

  3. Fearful encounter with a snake: This dream might be an indication of your suppressed fears or anxieties. It encourages facing these fears rather than avoiding them.

  4. Multiple snakes: They represent abundance, wealth, and may be a good omen for prosperity.


It’s important to remember that the interpretation of snake symbolism in dreams according to Hindu astrology should be combined with personal introspection. Dreams carry subjective meanings, and these interpretations should not be taken as absolute predictions but used as guidance to understanding one’s subconscious mind. As always, any concerns or recurring dreams should be discussed with a professional or a spiritual guide for a more personalized interpretation.

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