murder dream meaning

Dream Interpretation: Murder

Meaning of Murder Dreams

Dreaming about murder is not uncommon, but it can be alarming. In dream interpretation, the act of murder isn’t typically interpreted in a literal sense. Instead, it is often symbolic of aspects of our lives that need transformation or change.

Symbol of Repression

In some cases, dreaming of murder can be indicative of repressed aggression or anger towards someone in your real life. It’s essential to examine your relationships and emotions to understand this symbolism.

Elimination of Aspect of Self

Sometimes, this dream might symbolize your desire to eliminate certain characteristics or aspects of yourself. It signifies a transition period where you are trying to “kill” old habits, past actions, feelings, or thoughts and start afresh.

Feeling Violated

Dreaming about murder could also mean feeling violated in some way. This could relate to personal boundaries being crossed or feeling undermined.

Unexpressed Rage

If you’re the murderer in the dream, it might symbolize an unexpressed rage or uncontrollable anger you might be experiencing in your waking life.


Remember, dreams are highly subjective and unique to the dreamer. The meanings mentioned above are general interpretations. Your personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions play a significant role in the exact meaning of your dream. If you continue to have disturbing dreams, it might be helpful to speak with a mental health professional.

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