dream of murder meaning

Interpretation of Murder Dream

Dream Symbolism

Dreams about murder can be alarming, but they do not always signify negative things. In a dream analysis context, murder symbolizes an aspect of your personality that’s trying to eliminate a certain habit, thought, or unwanted characteristic.

Potential Meanings

  1. Desire for Change: The dream might reflect a desire to ‘kill off’ something in your life like an old habit, past issue, or something currently troubling you.

  2. Confronting Emotions: It could also mean you are confronting some uncomfortable emotions. If you are the one doing the killing, it may reflect your wish or struggle to terminate painful memories or feelings.

  3. Self-guilt: Murder in a dream could be symbolic of guilt, anger, and aggressiveness, particularly if you’re the murderer in the dream. It might reveal feelings of resentment toward yourself or others.

  4. Suppressed Anger: If you’re being murdered in a dream, it might indicate suppressed anger or fear that someone might harm you in real life.

Working with Dreams

It’s important to remember dreams are subjective experiences. To gain a better understanding, consider what is happening in your life and how that might relate to your dream. It can also be beneficial to discuss such dreams with a professional, such as a psychologist or therapist, who can provide more individualized interpretations.


Dreams about murder don’t suggest literal death or violence. They are more likely to represent your feelings, thoughts, or situations in your waking life that you want to resolve or let go.

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