dream meaning kiss on the lips

Meaning of Dreaming About Kissing on the Lips


Dreams involving kissing are incredibly common and can have many different meanings. Kissing, in general, represents affection, love, peace, harmony, and contentment.

Romantic Meaning

If you’re dreaming about kissing someone on the lips, especially someone you’re attracted to, it can signify a desire for romance and intimacy, suggesting that you might be looking for love or currently experiencing deep passion and sentiment in your waking life.

Self-Expression Meaning

Kissing on the lips could also symbolize communication and expression. It might indicate you’re comfortable with expressing your feelings towards others or yearn to open up more to people in your life.

Reconciliation Meaning

Such dreams might symbolize reconciliation. If you’re kissing someone with whom you had a disagreement in real life, it might express your subconscious desire to make amends and restore peace in your relationship.

Hidden Desires

Sometimes, these dreams reveal hidden desires or suppressed emotions. If you’re kissing a stranger or someone you wouldn’t kiss in reality, it may indicate underlying feelings or unresolved issues.


It’s essential to remember that dream analysis is highly subjective. The true meaning behind your dream may depend on your personal experiences, emotions, and current life situations.

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