dream book meaning

Dream Book Meaning


A dream book, also referred to as a dream dictionary or dream guide, is a book that offers interpretations of different symbols, images, or themes a person might encounter in their dreams. These interpretations are based on psychoanalytical theories, cultural or spiritual symbols, and common human experiences.


The purpose of a dream book is to provide insight into the potential subconscious meanings behind our dreams. It presents possible explanations for recurring themes, events or symbols in an individual’s dreams. These explanations can help people gain a better understanding of their emotions, thoughts, experiences, or fears.


Dream interpretation isn’t a straightforward process and the same dream could have different meanings for different people. While dream books can provide general common interpretations of dreams, they should not be considered as universal truth for every dreamer. Its interpretations should rather be used as a general guide or starting point to understand dreams, combined with the dreamer’s personal situations, experiences, feelings, and beliefs.


Dream books often categorize the symbols, objects, or themes that you might see in your dreams. Some common categories include:

  1. Animals: Represents instincts or habits we may have.
  2. People: Could symbolize different aspects of ourselves or represent people in our waking lives.
  3. Places: May hold significance depending on personal experiences related to the location.
  4. Objects: Can stand for tangible elements in our lives or symbolic concepts.
  5. Events: Can indicate feelings or emotions associated with similar happenings in our real lives.

In conclusion, a dream book is a tool designed to understand the hidden meanings behind dreams. However, each interpretation should be personalized as dreams are subjective and intimately related to the dreamer’s personal life.

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